May 30th                     Russia, Moscow, launch of the Russian edition of The Jubilation Zone

May 18th                     Czech Republic, Prague, launch of the Czech edition of Idiots in Politics

February 12th – 17th   Egypt, Cairo Literature Festival



June 4th                      Poland, Istebna, Gallery Kukuczka

May 19th                     Hungary, Bakonycsernye, Library

May 19th                     Hungary, Iszkaszentgyörgyi, Library

May 9th                       Hungary, Budapest, Petőfi Literary Museum

April 21st                     Hungary, Budapest, Book Fair

February 25th              Hungary, Halásztelek, Library

February 3rd                Hungary, Budapest, Stefánia Palota



December 2nd            Bulgaria, Veliko Tarnovo, University Library

December 1st             Bulgaria, Sofia (Bulharsko) Embassy of Slovakia, launch of the book: „Zona na entusiasm“ (The Jubilation Zone)

November 13th           Czech Republic, Pelhřimov, Library

November 12th           Czech Republic, Žďár nad Sázavou, Josef Matěj Sychra Library

October 16th               Hungary, Budapešť, Írók boltja, launch of the novel: „A lelkesedés zónája“ (The Jubilation Zone)

September 15th          Czech Republic, Mosty u Jablunkova, Hotel Gruň



November 14th           Austria, Vienna, Book Fair, Discussion with Cornelius Hell

July 20th                      India, New Delhi, Embassy of Slovakia, Discussion about the novel The Jubilation Zone

April 8th                       Czech Republic, Plzeň, Alfa Theatre,

June 20th                    Germany, Remscheid, Public Library, novel The Jubilation Zone

June 5th                      Ukraine, Uschhorod, Presentation of the novel The Jubilation Zone, Fedor Potusniak Library

June 4th                      Ukraine, Uschhorod, Meeting of the Slovak writer`s PI Club with Ukrainian Writers

May 18th                     Czech Republic, Prague Book Faire, PEN Club, CZ

April 11th                     Germany, Dresden, Heinrich Schütz Residenz (with Peter Pragal)

March 14th                  Ukraine, Embassy of Slovakia, launch of the novel The Jubilation Zone



December 20th           Czech Republic, Havlíčkův Brod, Book fair, PEN

December 3rd             India, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, University

November 30th           India, Patiala, Punjab, University

November 29th           India, Chandigarh, Punjab, Punjab University

November 28th           India, Chandigarh, Haryana, Alliance Francaise

November 27th           India, New Delhi, University Javahár Lal Néhrú

November 26th           India, New Delhi, Embassy of Slovakia, Presentation of The Jubilation Zone in Hindi

October 20th               Czech Republic, Mladá Boleslav, Club Sirrah Natura

October 19th               Germany, Dresden, University of Technology, (with Peter Pragal)

June 15th                    Czech Republic, Ostrava, Book fair, Café Librex

June 15th                    Czech Republic, Mosty u Jablunkova, Hotel Grun



November 28th           Cyprus, Nicosia University

November 23rd           Austria, Vienna, Diplomatic Academy

November 21st           Hungary, Budapest, Slovak Institute

November 16th           Czech Republic, Prague, Slovak Institute

November 11th           Netherlands, The Hague, International Institute of Social Studies of Erasmus University Rotterdam

October 20th               Poland, Warsaw, Slovak Institute

October, 4th                France, Paris, Embassy of the Slovak Republic

September 29th          Ukraine, Uzhhorod, College

September 22nd          Czech Republic, Český Těšín, literary café Noiva

September 13th          Serbia, Belgrade, Embassy of the Slovak Republic

September 8th            India, Delhi, Embassy of the Slovak Republic

August 20th                 Czech Republic, Havlíčkův Brod, summer school of journalism

June 7th                      Denmark, Copenhagen, Visegrad Four, Foreign Policy Association

May 10th                     Czech Republic, Velehrad

May 23rd                     Switzerland, Zurich, University, Hannah Arendt Seminar

May 4th                       Germany, Monheim, Marienburg

March 28th                  Germany, Frankfurt, church Paulskirche

March 14th                  Ukraine, Uzhhorod



October 26th               Germany, Berlin, International Literature Festival