In his démenti, Jozef Banas reports about the state of the Slovak Republic. No issue of Slovak public life has escaped Jozef’s brisque tongue. With his unique style and sharp humour he dissects many of the characteristics typical for Slovaks, their problems, complexes, everyday lives as well as political affairs occuring in his small picturesque home-country. The text is complemented by apt photographs.


“An incredible journey into the depths of the Slovak mentality. Reading the book Dementi will make you laugh in the office, in the car, in institutions financial as well as mental. Judges should put their hands on it and take the oath of office, believers should sing from it in churches. I recommend to publish 5,538,036 copies, so that no Slovak can allege not to own the book.”

Janko Kulich, text and song writer


“Up untill now I have thought Idiots in Politics to be Banas’ most humorous book. However, this sparkling demotivational report has surpassed Idiots. It has given me long belly laughs. Jozef has even managed to rout the USA and glamorize Russia. At his age!”

Daniel Forgacs, journalist



Original title: Dementi

Hardcover: 256 pages

Publisher: Ikar (2015)

Language: Slovak

ISBN-10: 978-8055145471

Product dimensions: 150×210 mm