The Rat Season

Jozef Banas has become an undeniable part of Slovak literature. Probably also due to the fact, that with each of his books, he hits the bullseye without mincing his words. This novel has been the most courageous confirmation of this Banas’ rule so far. Once I wrote about The Jubilation Zone that it would not leave anyone indifferent; and I have a strong feeling that after reading The Rat Season some people will not be able to sleep well. Maybe even the author himself…

The life stories of the main characters resemble too much those of some public figures. In times, when fellowship and friendship are of a much bigger value than ever before, Jozef Banas comes with a gripping story about this interpersonal quality, with a tale about a romantic-bitter childhood and the loss of illusions and ideals in adulthood, about the hard background of life itself, when many have survived only by means of pretending – and still believe the continuous masquerade to be normal. After all, the main character is an actor…
Juraj Soviar, poet and text writer


Shocking disclosures of dirtiness not only in politics. Actors and politicians will not applaud Banas, the rest of us will. Maybe because he does not write about us.
Ľuboš Jurík, writer


The novel is more courageous than Banas’ previous books; it grips the reader straight from its first lines. The Author does not need pathos nor to defame the past in order to tell the truth. His story-telling talent does not leave any reader indifferent. The Rat Season has set a moral trap for some rodents…
Alena Štrompová, literary critic


This book is not suitable for people who love being smart after the event. The story is so honest and convincing that I doubt I would be able to act in a more moral way in the situations described. I thank life for protecting me from them and Jozef Banas for teaching me a lesson.
Matej Duman, journalist


While reading this book I often found myself exclaiming: Wow, that’s how it was and still is?! Courageous, open, hard. Who knows what reactions the book will cause. I am not sure, Mr Banas, if I should worrying for you…
Monika Jakubeczová, entrepreneur


The Rat Season

Original title: Sezóna potkanov

Hardcover: 295 pages

Publisher: Ikar (2011)

Language: Slovak

ISBN-10: 978-8055127101

Product dimensions: 147×205 mm