The Donkey Is Swiss

Bratislava, December 7, 2017

Before the end of the year, a new book written by the popular Slovak writer Jozef Banáš has been introduced to the domestic book market.

Short reflections, aphorisms, essays, jokes, stories, poems, dialogues, sayings, morals. Illustrations by the father and son duo, Ivan and Dávid Popovič, complement all of this perfectly. Let us introduce Jozef Banas´ new, fifteenth book The Donkey Is Swiss. Why such an unusual title? Right on the first pages we find the answer to this question from a story based on a true occurrence which happened in the fifteenth century when fierce battles between Swiss forces from the Levantine valley and Milanese troops were fought.

In this book, you will be intrigued by the Reflection On Time, the Short Story of a Good Deed, My European Dream, a story about the Wise Emperor, morals on revolutions and weeds, as well as depictions of Christ in the year 2017.

One reads the nearly 300-page-long book The Donkey Is Swiss in little sips as it contains many truths and interesting accounts that inspire and amuse. It is a handbook on how to survive among humans.

The author says: “They reflect my experience, thoughts, losses, gains, take-offs and falls, though I know that experience can´t be transferred. We must remind ourselves of the truth, we need to be coming back to it and live it, so that it does not become commonplace as everyday´s commercials. When you feel that I am writing the truth that is a reason for me to be happy.”

Jozef Banáš has been collecting these texts for many years and the illustrations add an extra value to them.

The Donkey Is Swiss

Original title: Somár je Švajčiar

Hardcover: 272 pages

Publisher: Ikar (2017)

Language: Slovak

Product dimensions: 147×205 mm