Idiots in Politics

First Jozef Banas’ bestseller. This political satire cited in the Slovak National Parliament as well as among politology scholars offers an amusing perspective on past and present events of modern politics in the world and Slovakia, episodes from lives of world politicians. Jozef has drawn on his personal experience from the period between 2002 and 2006 when he was MP of the Slovak National Parliament, the Assembly of the Council of Europe and the NATO Parliamentary Assembly.

„Having an opinion in politics leads straight to hell. The best way to achieve success in politics is to have no opinion at all. If you don’t have any opinion you don’t take the risk of having a wrong opinion.” Due to great reading success, this humorous political satire was published in a second, extended edition on 328 pages including commented photographs in the appendix. “Facts, persons and situations described in this book are mere products of wit and humor. They have nothing in common with the reality in Slovakia nor in the rest of the world”, Jozef Banas stresses. Although, one never knows…


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Idiots in Politics

Original title: Idioti v politike

Hardcover: 328 pages

Publisher: Ikar (2010)

Language: Slovak

Product dimensions: 147×205 mm