is an inspiring novel named after an ancient Slavic sacrificial place situated in the Kremnica Mountains in Slovakia. You can find a unique runic inscription there and the whole place conveys a very mystic atmosphere. Jozef Banas has visited Velestur several times to absorb its strong energy and contemplate life.

The novel’s main character is a popular singer living on high speed with a constant need to prove himself. He gets involved in wild car races, extreme Thai boxing, street fights or acts provocatively in public. Velstur is an unusually strong story showing that the path to a meaning in life is worth walking. The Man in Banas’ novel tumbles often, but never giving up he learns from his own mistakes. We can be truly happy only if we live for others. And we cannot become successful if we carry thoughts of failure in our heads.

Velestur is a novel filled with ideas, parables, stories that make the reader stop and ponder upon where he stands in his life at the moment. It touches the soul and changes a person’s perspective on the world around him.



Original title: Velstúr

Hardcover: 264 pages

Publisher: Ikar (2015)

Language: Slovak

ISBN-10: 978-8055141886

Product dimensions: 156×211 mm