Slovak-Czech Conversations

Voices of the people meet in a dialogue – two writers from two nations that have shared history. Jozef Banas speaks for the Slovaks and Irena Fuchsova for the Czechs. They represent the voices of people who have a close relationship to their nations, cultures and languages. This book could be a beginning of Slovak-Czech dialogues on topics which bring together those who seek the truth. Its purpose will be fulfilled as soon as it opens the eyes of truth owners as well. To achieve this, one needs just a little bit of civil courage of which both authors have, no doubt, plenty.


Slovak-Czech Conversations

Original title: Slovensko-české hovory

Hardcover: 183 pages

Publisher: Beskydy (2017)

Languages: Czech, Slovak

Product dimensions: 165×235 mm

ISBN-10: 978-8087431429