Jozef Banáš received a wonderful gift on his name day

On his name day***, the Slovak writer Jozef Banáš received news from India worth celebrating. The publishing house Saar Sansaar in New Delhi has released an extraordinary double edition of his novel “Stop Dubček!” in English and in Hindi.

“Alexander Dubček is known in India as a prominent statesman and freedom fighter, we have followed the events of 1968 closely. One of the main boulevards in the diplomatic district of New Delhi is named after him,” says Amrit Mehta, the publisher of the Slovak documentary novel. He adds that the English and Hindi editions of the novel have been published in India on the occasion of Dubček’s 100th anniversary.

Jozef Banáš confirms that a presentation of the double edition with his own participation is planned in New Delhi. However, at the moment he does not intend to travel abroad due to the current anti-pandemic measures and due to his own recent overcoming of COVID-19: “In India, the launch of both books is planned under the auspices of the Slovak embassy, ​​due to measures in both India and our country, the date of the launch has been postponed.”

After the novels Jubilation Zone and From Jerusalem to Kashmir: The Secret Life of Jesus in India, the title Stop Dubček! is the third book written by Jozef Banáš and introduced to readers in India. In total, 26 foreign editions have been published abroad which makes Jozef Banáš the most translated Slovak author.

***March 19 – according to the Slovak calendar