Jozef’s novel about Štefánik was published in the USA and Russia

— Literary Weekly / Literárny Týždenník — Hybrid Global Publishing in New York, in cooperation with Global Slovakia, launched the novel Milan Rastislav Štefánik: A Man of Iron Will written by the Slovak author Jozef Banáš and translated by James Sutherland-Smith. The U.S. edition of the story of the greatest figure in Slovak history contains a foreword written by Slovaks Miroslav Musil and Paul Kanis and Americans Kevin J. McNamara and Dr. Michael J. Kopanica, Jr. “I assume this is the first time a Slovak novel has been published in the USA and I consider […]

New Eastern Europe – the bimonthly news magazine – published Prof. Josette Baer´s review on Jozef Banáš´s latest historic novel

An Iron Will March 4, 2019 – Josette Baer – New Eastern Europe Prebijem sa! Štefánik. Muž železnej vôle (I shall prevail! Štefánik – a Man of Iron Will). By: Jozef Banáš. Publisher: Ikar, Bratislava, 2018. “Were we not to follow the path of truth and prove worthy of the good and the work you have done on our behalf, we would kill you. Were we to act selfishly in seeking our own prosperity instead of the nations, we would kill you. Were we to search for the meaning of life in material things, in money, food and […]

Interview for the Indian newspaper Rajasthan Patrika

March 2018, India – a free translation from Hindi: After Dalai Lama and Dan Brown I would like to meet Amol Palekar Renowned Slovak writer visiting Pink City India´s spirituality inspires After leaving politics he made his career as a writer and journalist India has a special place in the heart of the renowned Slovak writer Jozef Banas. He is greatly inspired by Indian culture and civilization and every day he practices yoga to connect with India. Jozef has come to Jaipur to support the launch of the Hindi edition of his book Code 1, […]

Jozef Banáš´ presentation in Spain is quite a feat

In its August 2017 issue, the monthly periodical of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) published Jozef Banáš´ short story Messi´s Miracle (Messiho zázrak) in which the author pays tribute to the nurse Peggy at the Department of Pediatric Oncology at the Kramáre Hospital in Bratislava and to the football player Lionel Messi. The thrilling story is part of the collection Last Infidelity (Posledná nevera) of which nearly ten thousand copies have been sold. The director of the magazine Fútbol, Luis Arnáiz Arizmendi, personally expressed his gratitude to the Slovak author writing: “It is an […]

Which Slovak books rank among the most-translated?

Czech, Hungarian, Russian as well as Turkish, Arabic or Latvian – these are all languages into which Slovak literary works have been translated. Let’s just say it clearly: Some Slovak books are only good as a free supplement to a feminine magazine or as heating material. The fact that popular stories are often mere junk without artistic value, fortunately, does not define the whole of literature. Original Slovak fiction can pride itself on works that have achieved success in the world and received international awards. As the Slovak book market offers a huge assortment of imported […]

Prime Russian Magazine interviews Jozef Banas

April 28, 2016 Jozef Banáš seems to be the voice of Slovak writers beyond Slovakia´s borders. After being interviewed by the media in Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Poland and Hungary, now the bi-monthly Prime Russian Magazine has asked him for an interview. What an honour for Jozef Banáš to find himself in the company of the world´s prominent intellectuals, top managers, analysts, writers, scientists such as Robert Kaplan, Robert Lawrence Kuhn, Vladimir Levin, Frank Pascal, Ben Goldacre, Victor Tambone, Nils Christie, Dmitry Bondarenko, Pavel Krusanov, Richard Castelli, Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing, Nate Silver and many more. Now, […]

Slovak bishops would chase Christ away

December 19th, 2013 German speaking monthly “Neue Pressburger Zeitung” comments the novel Code 1 NEUE PRESSBURGER ZEITUNG Politics and society “Slovak bishops would chase Christ away” Christoph Thanei In his newest book, the Slovak bestselling author Jozef Banáš tangles with the Roman Catholic Church leaders. Since September 12th this year, when Jozef Banáš´s new novel Code 1 was published on the Slovak market, the book has become the topic of many heated discussions. The documentary novel Code 9, which was published three years before and sold almost 36,000 copies – an incredible number as for […]

Believer in goodness – interview

November 30th,2012, Chandigarh Navleen Lakhi , Hindustan Times “All that I am is a good Christian, which means I am also a good Muslim, a good Hindu, a good Jew…” he pauses till his eyes are fixed on a man in turban. “I am also a good Sikh,” he continues, insisting that for God, it is not about religion but about being good or bad. Wednesday warmed up to many good turns in a conversation with Jozef Banas, Slovak novelist, journalist, diplomat and politician, who was in town for a meet-the-author and reading session of […]

Newspapers in India about Jozef Banas

 January 18th, 2013   Daily Bhaskar: I am looking for Jesus’ History in India: India will be present in Slovak writer’s Josef Banas book: On Wednesday evening Josef Banas reached Alliance Francaise, the French Cultural Centre at Chandigarh in Sector 36.  He read extrats from his Slovak novel “Zona Nadsenia”, and then extracts from the German and Hindi translations were also read.  Banas is presently working on his 10th book entitled “Code 1”, in which he is looking for the history of Jesus’ stay in India.  According to him, he has already travelled to Kashmir […]

A Cosmopolitan and a European: An interview with Jozef Banáš

October 11th, 2012. Interviewer: Josette Baer   JOSETTE BAER: Every book you have published since 2008 has topped Slovakia’s bestseller list. Your novel about Alexander Dubček made you the bestselling Slovak author in the Czech Republic. What’s the secret of your success?   JOZEF BANÁŠ:In spite of the fact that I have been a member of the Communist Party – how this happened is described in my novel Zona nadšenia (The Jubilation Zone) – people trust me. The idea that every communist is evil and every democrat good is at odds with reality. Willy Brandt once […]