Review Zastavte Dubčeka KOSMAS JBAER

March 11th, 2012. Stop Dubček! The story of the man who annoyed the powerful 1). (Jozef Banáš. Zastavte Dubčeka! Príbeh človeka, ktorý prekážal mocným) Bratislava: Ikar, 2009, ISBN: 978-80-551-2107-9. Reviewed by Josette Baer, University of Zurich, Switzerland. Alexander Dubček (1921–1992) is probably the best-known Slovak, although most people still think of him as being of Czech origin. As the symbol of the reforms of the Prague Spring of 1968, Dubček’s fate after the invasion of the Warsaw pact troops mirrored, to some extent, that of his fellow citizens: the conservative party members whom Moscow put into […]