Jozef Banáš among top three most popular Slovak writers

The largest book distributor in Slovakia – Panta Rhei, announced the results of the thirteenth year of the prestigious survey Panta Rhei Awards recognizing the most popular writers in Slovakia in 2021. In the men’s category, Jozef Banáš came in third. What did the author say about this success? „I am very pleased and honored, I would like to thank every reader who sent me a vote. Being in an elite trio with the legendary Milan Lasica and the detective master Dominik Dán is a great honor for me. It’s a pity that Milan is no longer here, I have written 160 pages of interview with him, unfortunately, it won’t come out because he didn’t have time to authorize them (He died meanwhile). I think that two novels have a significant share in my success – The Beautiful Death in Altai and I’m Bata, I Can Do It! Both of these books have enjoyed great reading interest since their publication. I believe that my upcoming novel Carnival of Rats will arouse the same interest.”