Jozef Banáš is awarded together with Rudolf Schuster, former President of the Slovak Republic

In Bojnice on November 22, 2019.

This year´s Ladislav Ťažký Golden Pen Award goes to the former Slovak President Rudolf Schuster and the writer Jozef Banáš. They have received the prizes from the citizens association Benedikt in the Golden hall of the Bojnice castle in Slovakia. The former President has been awarded for literary works published up until now. “I feel honoured. The Golden Pen award is named after Ladislav Ťažký with whom I have experienced many memorable moments. I remember him fondly as a person with exemplary qualities as a writer as well as a human being. He used to be straight forward and warm hearted, he was a great partner to talk to always ready to give the needed advice,” says the former President Rudolf Schuster.

Jozef Banáš has received the award for his novel about Milan Rastislav Štefánik “Prebijem sa!” (I Shall Prevail!), as well as for his previous literary works. “I appreciate this award very much. For me, Ladislav Ťažký has always been a model as a writer and as a man. I used to know him personally, that is why this prize means so much to me. To be here touches me deeply. Ladislav supported me when I was writing the novel about Alexander Dubček, we had many precious moments together. Thus to receive an award named after him is simply amazing,” says Jozef Banáš.

Literary Bojnice is an event that offers the opportunity to award the works of significant Slovak writers. The award is named after the respected Slovak author Ladislav Ťažký.