The most popular Slovak man in the Czech Republic launched the Czech edition of Idiots in Politics

On Thursday May 18th, 2017, a festive atmosphere reigned in the Slovak Cultural Center in Prague. The Czech edition of Banas´ bestseller Idiots in Politics released by the publishing house Beskydy was launched by the most popular Slovak man in Czechia, the Vice Prime Minister of the Czech government and Minister of Finance Andrej Babis. Among the guests were the Ambassador of the Slovak Republic in Prague Peter Weiss and the director of the Slovak Cultural Center Vladimir Valovic. The book was sent on its course in an untraditional way – with a song. The present guests sang the Slovak chorale Na Kralovej holi accompanied by Alexander Vrabel´s Cimbalom Music. The popular Czech journalist Petr Zantovsky was the host of the whole event and the writer Irena Fuchsova read excerpts from the book.

In Slovakia, a second edition of the book Idiots in Politics has been printed and more than 35,000 copies have been sold to date. According to the owner and director of the publishing house Bronislaw Ondraszek the demand for the book is extraordinary. This statement is supported also by the fact that Banas had to travel to the Czech Republic two days after the launch again in order to sign some hundred books.