The Russian edition of Banas’ novel The Jubilation Zone has been launched

The most translated Slovak novel the Jubilation Zone has scored another international success. The book written by the award-winning author, Jozef Banas, has been introduced to the Russian market this week. On May 30th, the novel was launched at the Slovak Institute in Moscow. “In the presence of the translators Alla Maskova and Ludmila Sirokova, the book was introduced by the editor-in-chief of the publishing house MIK Moscow, Jelena Parskova and the director of the publishing house Ikar Valeria Malikova,” Jozef Banas confirms.

The director of the Slovak Institute, Jan Smihula, appreciates that after a long time, a Slovak novel has appeared on the Russian book market again. Following the Arabic edition (Syria), Russian is the tenth language in which the Jubilation Zone has been published.

The event has been picked up by the prestigious cultural and social weekly newspaper Literaturnaja gazeta dedicating an article titled Special view on the common past to the novel. At the same time, the magazine, which owes its existence to such famous Russian writers as Pushkin, has announced the publication of an excerpt of Banas´ novel. “I am very happy. To have a book published in the language of a nation with a long tradition in world literature is amazing. I fully realized this during my visit to Yasnaya Polyana where I paid tribute to L. N. Tolstoy. And I consider the review of my novel published in Literaturnaja gazeta to be a great honor,” Jozef Banas says.

Read the review in Literaturnaja gazeta